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You should replace your tires depends on a number of factors, including the road conditions you usually face, your style of driving and how your tires are maintained. Worn tires should be replaced before 2/32" of thread remains or when the tires wear bead is visible. Advance Auto-Tech Center Inc will provide you with the best tire brands and tire service, for your vehicle's needs.

Can't make it to our shop?
We'll come to you! Our staff and equipment can come to you.
We offer Road Side Assistance and On-Site Service.

Need Service Reminders to keep you up to date on your vehicle service needs?
We offer Monthly Service Reminder Reports to assist you in keeping track of your vehicle up to date services.

Looking for Honest, Reliable, Trained, Knowledgeable and Friendly technicians?
That is just who we are at Advance Auto-Tech Center Inc.

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